Jo Dalton

After five years working in broadcast, I left London for Bristol in 2011 to start my freelance design studio Room Fifty Nine. I work both independently and also in collaboration with other designers, developers and illustrators, depending on the project.

Because I like to work as a one (wo)man band on a shoestring, I am constantly fascinated with ways of achieving beautiful results without big budgets, expensive cameras and crews. I have an affection for handmade graphics and mixing media, including: stop motion photography, printmaking, illustration, typography, animation and live footage.

There is a tendency with larger scale projects of money being wasted and ideas becoming diluted. There is no denying that some great results can be achieved this way, but it is the simple yet clever work that tends to shine through at the end of the day. And for that all you need is an idea.
A really good idea.